Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am honored to introduce you to my Featured Guest{Daydream Believers}-- and her tutorial, how to make a toddler apron from a tea towel!

While blog hopping I stumbled upon this little treasure. Daydream Believers has done an amazing job at coming up with this adorable and super easy apron. Please show her love by visiting her site and becoming a follower. I have two boys but, this will make great gifts!

Hi! I'm Michelle, I am a Daydream Believer and a
Punk-Rock-Prom Queen
{true story, I even have the crown!}

I started making tutus and sewing after my daughters were born. With two little girlies and a mumma who loves to create; our house is a haven for all things sparkly and fun! Unable to buy the trendy clothing and accessories I desired for my girls locally; I started making my own. After lots of nudging from my hubs and family, the Daydream Believer Shop was born!

Today, I'm going to teach you my easy-peasy way to
whip up this 
sweet little apron in 20 minutes or less.
Seriously! It's that easy! 

Happy February, friends! It is the month for L-O-V-E!
This post combines three things I love -
  • Sewing for my girlies
  • Great deals from Target
  • Teaching
Pretty cute, eh?

A few weeks ago, I bought this set of adorable tea towels
from Target dollar spot for just $2.50.
The prints were so cute (and check out the trims!) - I knew
I could use them to make something sweet for my girls.

Miss I* and Baby V* love to help mumma in the kitchen,
so I decided to make them each a new apron.
Here's the scoop -

1 tea towel (pre-washed and ironed)
1 piece of ribbon (A) cut to be 2 times your little's waist + 6 inches
1 piece of ribbon (B) cut to the desired width of your apron

Note: You can use any width ribbon and may want to use
matching ribbon for both pieces. I was scrap-busting for this project,
so my ribbon is mismatched. :)

{Step 1} Cut your apron.
Cut your towel to your desired length by cutting along one side.
Congrats, you're done with all the cutting for this project! :)
{I told you, this is easy-peasy!}
V* wears a size 24 month. I made her apron 9 inches long.

{Optional Step} Adjust the width of your apron.
If your apron width works as is, just skip this step! :)
I wanted the waist of Baby V*s apron to be 10 inches wide;
my fabric was 14 inches wide, so I adjusted the width by sewing
a gathering stitch along the unfinished edge of the apron and
gently gathering the fabric until it was 10 inches long.
Another option would be to add pleats!

{Step 2:} Finish your edge.
Since the sides and bottom of your apron are already finished,
we just need to finish the top, whoo hoo! :) Sew a very tight
zig zag stitch (or serge w/a serger) along the unfinished edge,  
then take ribbon piece B and baste it onto the wrong side of
your fabric. Basting is sewing with a straight stitch set to a wide width.

The "back" of your apron - You're almost finished!

{Step 3} Add your sash.
Center you ribbon piece A across the right side, top of
your apron and pin in place. Sew along each edge and
all the way around ribbon piece A; fully attaching it to
your apron.

That's it!

One super cute, boutique style apron,
handmade in under 20 minutes,
for less than $5!
LOVE that!

I added a little more flair to V*s apron by sewing on this sweet pink bow!

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please ask me;
I'm happy to help you make an apron for your little sweetie!

*This tutorial is for personal use only. Thanks!
*The Treasurista has received permission prior to use* 


  1. super cute apron! Just wanted to tell you I gave you the stylish blogger award...if you want to participate, copy/paste the award into your blog and have some fun. No biggie if not though, it's all for fun! : )
    Kristen @ Just Live Simply