Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing and Super Creative Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

{FLOWER PIN} Love This...


Roll the first pair starting at the toe. Then add your second pair to the roll.

Once placed in the cup you can mess with it to make it more cupcake like.
{BUTTON BLOSSOMS} Thank you Vanessa from:  Silly Eagle Books

You need to find some of these buttons with the one hole on the back (not sure what they are called.) We just looked through our button stash and found some. This part is perfect for a four year old as looking through the button box is an activity in its own right.
Next, I cut out some flower shapes from some scrapbook paper. Juliet matched up which button would go with which flower.
I cut a slit in the middle and asked Juliet to place the button in it. This proved too difficult for her tiny fingers. But maybe a 5 or 6 year old could do it

Lastly, I threaded some ribbon through the hole and we had bracelets and necklaces

{EDIBLE CRAYONS} I will be making these!
These Edible Crayons come from my friend Mandy from Gourmet-Mom-On-The-Go. We spent a couple of days together in the Betty Crocker kitchens and had so much fun. Mandy also won $25,000 in the Real Women of Philadelphia contest for one of her recipes. Talk about bringing home the bacon!
Who doesn't like pretzels and chocolate? I thought these would be cute as a snack for your child's lunch or stacked in a pencil box as a treat for your teachers (in addition to some cold hard cash of course :)).

Pretzel rods
Colored candy melts or white almond bark with added food coloring
Crayon Labels (make your own or head to Mandy's site for a big selection)

Break the pretzel rods in half. Don't worry if it's not exact, just do the best you can. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or tin foil.

Warm candy melts for 1 minute in the microwave. Stir them and melt for additional time if they are not fully melted. You do not want to overcook the chocolate or it will get clumpy! Colored candy melts are easiest but if you can only find white add a little oil based food coloring to the melted white candy melts making sure that the chocolate is not hot or it will clump.

Now dip each end of the pretzel rods into the melted chocolate and place on the cookie sheet to dry. Once the pretzels are dry, print your crayon labels out on colored paper and cut them out. Wrap each pretzel with a crayon wrapper and secure with a piece of scotch tape.

A cute way to package these is in inexpensive pencil boxes.


  1. What creativity! Just love it! A new follower from Bloggymoms,

  2. I wanna make those bacon crayons!