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This Plantable Valentine is so creative! You plant the hearts! By Positively Splendid.

{Valentine’s Sugar Cookies PG-13}

How Does She made the CUTEST v-day cookies. 
These are so FUN! They even made me blush. LOL...



Plate Stand, unlike any other! From A Little of This, A Little of That

We have all seen DIY treat trays made in a variety of ways, but this is one way I had yet to see and I love it! Please meet Sarah from A Little of This, A Little of That:

I never know what is going to inspire my next DIY project. 

I was strolling through Target this week (best store ever!), and saw the cutest tiered stands. 

 It got me thinking.....could I make one myself??

So, I picked up these two adorable plates:

Aren't  they SO cute?!

I'll give you a Sneak Peak at the finished product:

Supplies for a {Chic} Tiered Stand

Melamine plates (one large, one small)
Threaded Rod (found at Lowe's on hardware aisle)
4 Nuts (that fit your threaded rod)

Bic Pens
Measuring tape
Spray paint
"Topper" for your stand (I just used ribbon)

Step 1

Disassemble your bic pens, like so:

Step 2

Spray paint the body of your pen (the WHITE part) a color that will coordinate with your plates.

I choose Ballet Slipper, a very girlie pink, since I am making a Valentine's Day tiered tray.

(Just in case you were wondering, you will be using the "pens" to cover up the threaded rod)

Step 3

Measure your plates to find the EXACT center.  Mark with a pen.

Step 4

Place your plate on a wooden block (or surface you don't mind drilling in to), and drill a hole in your plate at the spot you marked.

TIP: Push down gently, and BE PATIENT as you drill your hole.  If you apply TOO MUCH pressure, your plate will crack
If you are unsure about how much pressure to use, try drilling on a "practice plate".

Your plates should now have nice holes like this:

Step 5

Take your threaded rod, and push it gently into your bottom plate.

On the bottom of your large plate, put on a nut, and make it level with the bottom of your plate.  Like this:

Step 6

Slide on one of your spray painted "pens", and top with another nut.

Step 7

Gently slide on your smaller plate, and top that with a nut, and then a spray painted "pen".

Step 8

Top your spray painted "pen" with another nut.

Step 9

Time to cover up the top of your tiered stand!  I used some matching ribbon, and called it good!

Step 10

Pile high with goodies, and enjoy!

Total Cost:

Melamine Plates: $3.50
Threaded Rod: $.97
Nuts: $1
Bic Pens: free; already had some!
Spray paint: free; leftover from other projects
Ribbon: free; leftover from other projects

Total:  $5.50

I love it! Thanks for sharing this great idea Sarah!

For more creative inspiration, please visit


Love this Heart from {bythebrookdesigns}
Link to Heart Project

Once, during a visit to Hobby Lobby, I saw large wooden dice that I fell in love with. I did not take one home with me. Big mistake. The next time I went with money in hand ready to purchase, it was long gone.

Oh, well. I wiped the tears and thought of a way to make one myself.

I found a plain cardboard box for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. It had a lid, which I didn't want but that was not a problem. There would be an opening on one side, but every side can't be showing anyway so nobody would ever know. The bonus was that it was just cardboard and not wood so if it were to fall into a little one's hands or on their head, it wouldn't hurt at all.

I got real dice out for my "model" and then found some stickers in my stash that were the exact size I needed for my dots. I began to apply them to each side. I decided to make the open side where the 1 dot would go since that is the most boring side anyway, right?

I just grabbed white paint from the garage that we use for whatever and painted the whole box right over the stickers...

When it dried, I removed the stickers and got really excited because I was getting closer and loving it already...

Next, I got out these supplies and painted the circles black. That part was tedious but fun.

I sanded the corners and edges next. Then I just grabbed some stain that we had in the garage and rubbed it on the edges and corners with a paper towel to get the antiqued look I wanted...

I was so excited with the finished product and it only cost me $2.99 for the box. The rest of the supplies were already bought and have been used for tons of other projects so that was great!

big dice